The MRO Challenge to Achieve Optimal Maintenance Performance
Part 2: Enhancing Technical Data and Streamlined Searching

Jul 12, 2023 | Flatirons MRO Edition, Maintenance Operations

Our previous blog discussed how successful aerospace MROs have consolidated technical data streams and pre-configured repair libraries to ensure compliance, optimize performance, increase profitability, and drive growth. This blog will examine how MRO businesses improve productivity by deploying Flatirons Pinpoint to enhance OEM data and quickly search vast data.

The Challenge

Studies show that information lookup can account for up to 40% of a technician’s valuable time. One of the most significant challenges in the aviation sector has always been quickly navigating large volumes of data from various sources, including manuals, libraries, and engineering orders, to name a few, in both S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200 formats.

The Solution: Improve Productivity by Putting Content in the Hands of Technicians at the Point of Maintenance

Current staffing challenges affecting the aviation sector make it more important than ever to empower your maintenance and engineering teams to quickly access the most up-to-date content in real-time. Pinpoint drives your technicians to the specific content they need with greater speed. This ensures that you always deliver the right information at the right time to the right people.

Let’s look at some of the key Pinpoint features that permit technicians and engineers to enhance OEM data and quickly access information to perform maintenance tasks efficiently:

  • Save time and improve productivity with expandable references embedded within the current task documents. Technicians can maintain progress by clicking on a reference or related task link embedded within the current task they are working on. Instead of opening a new screen to view the related information and toggling the screen back and forth, Pinpoint expands/collapses the link to display/hide the embedded reference in-line within the current task.
  • Partner with Flatirons to keep your MRO business at the forefront of innovation as we explore and capitalize on emerging technology like navigating 3D content and decision-based maintenance procedures.
  • Preserve and share lessons learned, maintenance tips, and observations by enhancing OEM manuals with intuitive, easy-to-use tools to create public and private annotations and quickly navigate with bookmarks to frequently accessed information.
  • Consolidate data from multiple OEMs into a single viewer. Reduce the cost of information lookup and retrieval by utilizing on-the-fly applicability filtering with powerful, intuitive full-text and meta-data searching tools to perform intelligent searches. Enter manual-specific search criteria for ATA iSpec- and S1000D-specific conventions, FRMFIM, TSM, wiring, and fleet-specific content. Quickly locate and view highlighted search results in technical content (including PDFs).
  • Easily navigate the most current versions of complex wiring diagrams to troubleshoot operational issues and accurately complete engineering projects quickly.
  • Speed up task execution by clicking on their retained navigation history, get thumbnail visual snapshots to navigate to the diagrams and drawings they have previously visited, and quickly zoom in on graphics with magnification features.

Place powerful productivity tools into the hands of technical authors to efficiently perform technical publications tasks:

  • Bring together all the key technical information your business needs to operate efficiently by creating landing pages with links to technical documents, company manuals, and websites.
  • Easily create links inside technical publications to add critical and timely supplemental content, such as temporary revisions, technical guidance, training aids, and videos to improve compliance and productivity.
  • Avoid the expense and technical expertise required to maintain complex content management and document authoring solutions, and enrich technical publication directly in Pinpoint with intuitive in-line editing tools to quickly modify technical content with your critical operational experience, technological know-how, and critical enhancements.

Do More with Flatirons

The world’s largest airlines and MRO repair stations use the Flatirons Technical Content Management platform to manage their end-to-end content lifecycle of technical manuals, libraries, engineering orders, service bulletins, task cards, and visit packages. Shouldn’t you? Contact us to learn more about the Flatirons platform at [email protected].

Come back and visit us for our continuing blog series that addresses MRO challenges.

Up Next:  We look at speeding up maintenance and improving aircraft utilization by seamlessly integrating Flatirons APIs with your legacy ERP and maintenance planning systems.

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