Top 8 Justifications for Making the Business Case for S1000D
Part 7: Summarizing the Savings

Nov 8, 2022 | S1000D

End-to-End Focus

When we look at the end-to-end process for the production of technical publications based on the S1000D standard, our experience is that we can save:

  • 20% in transforming LSA data into Data Modules
  • 45% for Authors using S1000D (we illustrated a case with 48% savings last time)
  • 60% for Authors of Parts Catalogs
  • 20% for Authors of Computer-Based Training (we presented a case with 20%+ savings last time)
  • 20% for improved mechanic efficiency

If we make the following assumptions:

  • Hourly rate of 70 EUR (or use USD)
  • One person converting LSA data to S1000D data modules
  • Twenty authors of data modules
  • Two authors writing IPCs
  • Five authors of job cards
  • Ten authors of computer-based training

 (Total of 38 people)

Using this example of 38 people making 70 EUR or USD/hour, improved workforce efficiency represents a savings potential of 21,440 hours per year, or 1.5M EUR/USD!

If we include intelligent data in an IETP and its impact on 50 mechanics, the savings increase to 37,440 hours or 2.6M EUR/USD!

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