What’s New in Flatirons Pinpoint 8.2?
You Asked for Direct Editing, and We Delivered.

Feb 15, 2023 | ATA iSpec 2200, Interactive Electronic Technical Publication, S1000D

Let’s face it, revisions to OEM technical publications are frequent and constant! Embrace changes by quickly and easily editing S1000D Data Modules directly in the Flatirons Pinpoint Viewer. We are pleased to announce exciting new functionality that allows technical authors to edit OEM-produced ATA publications and S1000D Procedural Data Modules, Descriptive Data Modules, and Illustrated Parts Data Modules directly in Flatirons Pinpoint, the industry-leading IETP Mobile and Desktop Viewer.

With the release of Pinpoint Viewer version 8.2.0, this new direct in-line editing functionality allows OEMs, Subcontractors, MROs, Mainline and Regional Airlines, and Equipment Operators to enhance ATA Publications and S1000D Data Modules without the high cost, large infrastructure, and sizeable hardware footprint required to support a separate authoring database and editing application.

Technical authoring has suddenly become a simple task that does not require prior knowledge of XML or the complexities of the ATA and S1000D specifications. Organizations, big and small, can now easily customize OEM publications with their unique internal processes and procedures and capture the real-world knowledge gained from actual operational experience.

Direct online editing with the Pinpoint Viewer allows the creation of Customer Originated Changes (COC) and simple workflows that streamline the change approval process and initiate immediate publishing. A retained record of each change provides an audit trail for traceability and reference. Changes are kept with each new OEM revision and allow the COC-originating organization to retain, modify, or discard previously made enhancements as appropriate.

Pinpoint is structured to allow several groups or organizations to edit the same publication and focus on changes to topics specific to their area of responsibility.

Want to see how easy it is to edit data modules in Pinpoint?  Watch this brief video below of our new online editing functionality in the Flatirons Pinpoint IETP Mobile and Desktop Viewer.

To schedule a full demo of all the features in Flatirons Pinpoint, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at +1 303 554 0514.

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